About Us

V SEED is a Non Governmental Organization, registered under Societies Registration Act 1860 . The society was promoted by a set of well wishers who came from rural back ground and are currently settled in the urban area. These society founder members come with different expertise in area of education, financial management, Industrial development and social welfare development programs etc.Some of the members hold higher positions in the Govt and Private sectors and they are in a position to provide support in the respective area. The vision of the founders was to promote holistic development of marginalized rural people, considering the family as a unit, by adopting an integrated approach with the main emphasis on education and empowerment.

VSEED society will work to achieve its mission by making use of the available talents, skills, position & other resources in the society and extending them to the rural society through an organised system so as to help them to realise their need on education and development requirement.

Area of Work

  • Educational initiatives
  • Carrier guidance
  • Guidance for education loans
  • Finance assistance
  • Social welfare schemes
  • Guidance to avail Government welfare schemes
  • Awareness of schemes and benefits available
  • Help line support to social issues.

The society shall realize its mission and vision through a set of projects that shall be executed by the EC members of the society. There are 5 office bearers and 10 EC members.

The Office bearers:

1. President : Mr. D P Das ,(Retired) Head Master , School Correspondent
2. Vice President: Mr. Anbarasu , (Retired) Deputy Director, Social Welfare
3. Secretary: Mr.G.Monicka Raj , IT & Telecom consultant
4. Jt. Sec : Mr. R. Bhaskaran, General Manager, Indian Railways
5. Treasurer : Mr. Veera Kumar , Business

Executive Council Members: 

  1. Mr. Jega Selvan, Government Officer
  2. Mrs. Yesubai Edin Rai, Pharmacist
  3. Mr. C. Ramaiah, AGM, BHEL
  4. Mr. D. Jeyachandra Duthie, Business
  5. Mr. E.M. Joseph Ravie, Govt Officer (Retired)
  6. Mr. D. Ramesh, Govt. Officer (Retired)
  7. Mr. S. Jeyakumar, Insurance Advisor
  8. Mr. P. Selvaraj, Social Worker
  9. Mr. D. Thmabi Rajan, Private Corporate Officer
  10. Mr. M. Selvakumar, Business


  1. Mrs. Esther Chellam